Cold press technology


All our juices are made owing to a special machine that uses a 9t hydraulic press, thus utilizing the last drop of juice from fruit and vegetables. It enables the so-called cold press method, which is why our juices have 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes that juices made upon other methods. There are no juices which can offer this high nutrition value at the market, nor there are vitamin or mineral supplements that have a balance of ingredients necessary to keep us healthy. So enjoy them, with direct delivery at your address!

Cold Pressok juice is 100% Raw, Natural, UNprocessed, NONpasteurized, with NO additives, NO preserves, No added sugar, No added water, NO gluten.

Lab tests show that the juices made upon our method are the best.

A comparative study points to differences in the efficiency of a juicer A (centrifugal), juicer B (which first chops and then squeezes fruit and vegetables) and juicer C (with hydraulic press – OUR JUICER). Studies point to differences in a volume and chemical and mineral content of a juice made from 2.5kg of carrot, parsley and celery. Check the diagram below which confirms the absolute quality superiority of the juices made upon our hydraulic press method compared to other methods and juicers.

A – Centrifugal Juicer
– Twin Gear Juicer
C – OUR Machine