Although CPS is best known for its line of cold press juices, the new program of salads and salad dressings is another step forward in promoting healthy diet and one reason more to include CPS products in your everyday lifestyle. Try them and you will see you wont be able to live without them.

Who says that vegan diet cannot be tasty?

Owing to a careful selection of ingredients, CPS salads and dressings are perfectly balanced in regard to vitamins and proteins, combined for the easiest possible absorption of nutrients.

Four crispy, refreshing, perfectly tasty whole-MEAL salads, with protein-rich vegan nuts, quinoa or hemp, which are the most comprehensive sources of vegetable proteins. Each salad is complemented by a matching salad dressing – House Balsamic, Raspberry, Creamy Jimmy Tahini and Walnut, all VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. Although a focus is on their healthy and functional ingredients, the taste does not lag behind at all. Their incredibly fresh, exotic and, above all, gourmet taste goes great with our salads. Together, they are super flavorful and easy way of introducing more greens into your everyday diet.