New clients

Each time you refer to us someone who orders the Cold Pressok Cleanse package of 3 or more days, you get an additional 10% discount for your next order of 3 days of Coldpressok Cleanse Package.

Monthly program

If you opt for a continuous juice cleanse of two times 3 days a week per month at a minimum, you get a 10% monthly discount. Grab this opportunity and get excellent cleansing results throughout a month.

If you are on monthly cleanse regime, payment needs to be received on a first delivery in a month.

Group Cleanse

Do it with your friends, co-workers, your family! It’s cheaper and easier.

Buddy cleanse

Do it with your friends!
Fact: it’s easier as you get more support from each other and besides that Friends don’t let friends drink alone!!

Corporate cleanse

Different studies show that employees who feel love and support from their employers work harder. So here is an option for that monthly bonus. Reword your employees and get them a Cold Pressok Cleanse Package. Ladies will love you for that and Gentlemen will definitely benefit form more clean energy.

Or, simply gather a group of co-workers to cleanse together, and benefit from the collective support and motivation from your colleagues.

Happy side effects include increased energy, productivity, focus and clarity (which come in handy at the office).

Corporate Cleanse savings start at 10% depending on size of group and frequency.*

Contact us at to inquire or call 064/227-227-0

Groups of 8 or more receive 15% off.*

*All corporate cleanses need to be delivered at one address/corporate address