Cold Pressok Cleanse

Due to the polluted air we breathe and chemicals in food and water we consume, “toxins” are deposited in our body and it needs to eliminate them from time to time. That is where Cold Pressok Cleanse comes in!!! As that negative effect on body took years, it takes some time to get it back in order. But, it is possible. When you feel down, do a detox and you’ll feel better. We can all benefit from body cleansing and revitalization. Reset your body! And here is how!

CPS cleanse is the first nutritionist detox of 100% raw and whenever possible organic  cold pressed juices from fruit and vegetables that will replace your daily meals. They are prepared to regenerate and alkalize your body, so during the detox with our juices, you will consume huge amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which will enter the blood system 3-5 minutes after consumption. Your digestion system will rest as no solid food will be metabolized, enabling energy otherwise used for digestion to be used for detoxification, revitalization, strengthening and ultimate recovery of the entire body.


Cleanse is recommended for many reasons, as it allows the body to rest and regenerate. Just like you having a day off from work, imagine detox as a day off for your body.

It is very important to note that starving is something completely different, as we offer nutritionist cleansing. It nourishes you and does not deprive you of anything.

The length of detox depends on what we want to accomplish.

Three-day detox will start the process of eliminating toxins and cleaning your blood system. Five-day detox may initiate the process of building and boosting the immune system, while ten-day detox may actually prevent health problems and initiate fight against potential degenerative diseases.  We recommend that an average, healthy person do detox of up to 10 days, and consult their MD for anything longer than that.

It is often asked when it is best to start with a cleanse. We are all different but it is always best to follow these guidelines: after holidays, saint’s days, trips, celebrations, stress, whenever we feel tired, “heavy”, when we overindulge in food or any type of consumption. On a seasonal basis, it is always advisable to do at least 3 days of detox a month, while 7 to 10 days would be optimal. It is also possible to do detox for 1 day every week, or for 3 days every other week. It is important to find a proper measure as then your lifestyle will reflect balanced health and good habits.